Jochen Lempert

Jochen Lempert was born in 1958. He currently lives in Hamburg.

Trained as a biologist, Lempert has been active as a photographer since the beginning of the 1990s. His body of work consists of black-and-white analogue photographs, which are presented unframed, mostly attached directly to the walls and displayed through delicate and precise combinations of images.

Through this medium, Lempert explores the natural world—be it in the countryside or the urban context, in a remote location or a scientific museum—seeking to bear witness to its presence, its singularity, its fleetingness. The focus is put on ephemeral, barely visible, almost abstract phenomena; on the unnoticed interactions or correspondences between humans and their environment; on the point of view of animals, which ultimately remain unreachable.

Through his subtle, silent, and often humorous images, Lempert gives the viewers a sense of wonder and attention that is invaluable, especially in a time when we need to redefine our place in the natural environment. 

Jochen Lempert is represented by BQ (Berlin) and ProjecteSD (Barcelona).